Introducing Mark Hinsley

mark 11Mark founded the company in 1994 and has almost 50 years of practical experience in both horticulture and arboriculture.

Mark switched from the practical side of the industry to the technical in 1987 when he became a Local Authority Tree Officer.  Previously he worked as an instructor in the Arboricultural Section of Merrist Wood College and as a commercial tree surgeon. 

In 2016 Mark became a Fellow of the Arboricultural Association (F. Arbor. A) and had previously completed his MSc in Resource Management (Arboriculture & forestry) at Middlesex University.

His experience in all aspects of arboriculture is immense and he has huge experience in dealing with planning issues and planning appeals, helping clients overcome tree issues if at all possible.  

Mark also specialises in tree liability surveys, from large country estates to a few trees in a client's garden.  He is also willing to act as an expert witness on all tree issues, presenting an unruffled, professional approach.

When not looking at trees Mark likes nothing better than to amuse himself by creating new renditions of favourite old songs, backing himself with guitar and  keyboard - while watching american football on tv!  He is also a keen archer and you will find him most weekends in a field trying to hit that elusive bullseye!


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