Tree Condition and Liability Reports - for Private Estates, Schools, Local Councils and Householders.

Owning trees, no matter how many, brings with it responsibility.  You have a duty of care to keep users of your property, or neighbouring properties, safe from any harm presented by your trees.  Should an accident occur because of a tree or branch failing you could be found negligent if you have not demonstrated "reasonable care".  You can do this by having your trees inspected at regular intervals by a qualified Arboriculturalist.

A liability survey of your tree stock to assess their condition will help you to manage your trees safely and mitigate any loss in court for unpredictable accidents. Our reports give recommendations for necessary tree work, enabling you to spend money on an effective Tree Management and Tree Maintenance Plan.  Our aim is to reassure you, not frighten you!

Our reports are particularly invaluable where you have trees overhanging public highways, public footpaths, or buildings.

Our Practice has recently completed Tree Liability Surveys for the following sites:

  • The Hugh Sexey Hospital site, Somerset
  • The Glebe Estate for the Diocese of Portsmouth
  • The Charborough Estate, Dorset
  • The Pylewell Estate, Lymington
  • Talbot Village Estate, Bournemouth
  • Bournemouth Airport
  • Victoria Education Centre, Poole
  • Winterborne Houghton Parish Council Sites
  • Many local schools - including Canford School, Wimborne

Tree reports for mortgage applications and insurance claims.

We are qualified to give expert advice on tree condition or tree issues in relation to any insurance claim, or at the request of a prospective mortgage lender.

Mark recently gave an interview on Midwest Radio concerning tree ownership and liability issues, please click here if you would like to listen to it.