Planning and Development - Tree Surveys, Impact and Method Statement (all Reports to BS5837 specifications).

Development Sites and Trees

Whether you are a developer about to embark on a major new building project or a householder extending your property you will need to take into consideration any trees within 15m of the proposed building work, with or without Tree Preservation Orders.  Bear in mind that, as tree roots do not respect property boundaries, this may include trees on neighbouring land.

Extensions/Landscaping Work Close to Protected Trees

The relatively shallow nature of most tree roots make them vulnerable to damage during building or landscaping projects.  As a homeowner, remember that, even if the work you are planning does not require planning consent, if you have trees which are covered under a Tree Preservation Order or Conservation Area legislation  you must take steps to protect those trees and their roots.   Your Local Authority Tree Section (or, in some cases, your Local Authority Website) can confirm if you have trees which are subject to such legislation.  As a Practice we have found ourselves increasingly involved in cases where  clients have undertaken a project under Permitted Development rights (ie. no planning permission is required) and then face possible prosecution due to damage of a Protected tree.

Services Offered with regards to Development Work and Trees

Our Practice specialises in dealing with clients and Local Authorities with regards to planning and development projects.  We try to balance the needs of our clients, while taking into account current legislation.  All of our reports are written to British Standard 5837:Trees in Relation to Construction, 2012 specifications. 

We can help from the initial Pre-planning Assessment stage right through to acting as an Expert Witness with regards to tree knowledge should Planning Appeal issues need to be addressed: 

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