How well do you know your trees?

In the works of Lord Tennyson, which type of tree is most frequently mentioned?

Pine             Elm            Oak          Willow

The rebellious Duke of Monmouth was found hiding under what kind of tree?

Oak         Sycamore       Elm       Ash

What kind of tree is the Martyrs Tree at Tolpuddle, Dorset?

Sycamore            Oak           Elm          Ash

The famous old tree at stock Gaylard is The Crusader ....?

Beech               Yew              Oak           Chestnut

The Weird Sisters (or Witches) in Macbeth lace their potions with slips of what kind of tree?

Hemlock         Rowan           Yew             Laburnum

Yggdrasil, The World Tree of Norse mythology, is said to be?  

Ash              Spruce          Pine               Oak

Cricket bats are made from which type of wood?

Ash              Hickory          Oak              Willow

The Robin Hood Tree in Sherwood Forest is called the Major ...?

Yew             Ash                Oak              Horse Chestnut

The five mighty legendary 'bile' trees of ancient Irish legends were?

Four Oak and one Yew   Three Ash and two Yew   Three Oak and two Ash   Four Yew and one Oak

The Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata) is a native of which country?

New Zealand            USA           Great Britain        Australia

The famous old tree at Stock Gaylard is The Crusader ....?

Beech               Yew              Oak              Chestnut

The Indian Bean Tree (Catulpa bignonioides) is a native of which country?

India             Jamaica       North America       Never Never Land

The Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa) is a native of which country?

Spain        North America       Great Britain      China

The Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) is a native of which country?

North America    Houyhnhmn Land       Great Britain        Albania

The Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) is a native of which country?

China              USA           Japan              Canada

The preferred wood for an English longbow was?

Ash                Elm             Oak              Yew

The rods used to hold long straw thatching in place are ideally made from?

Hazel           Whitebeam            Dogwood           Elm

The fashion for topiary in English gardens was originally introduced by?

Alan Titchmarsh   William and Mary   Queen Victoria   Abott and Costello

The wood most commonly used to make an electric guitar neck is?

Maple             Ash                Willow          Walnut

If you were sent out to do some snedding would you be?

Removing the side growths from trees felled for timber
Selecting transplants for hedge production
Cutting withies for basket making
Cutting foliage for animal fodder

The number of indigenous Birch species in this country is?

1               2                3                   4

Historically, if you are in a church decorated with Yew foliage the time of year must be?

Christmas           Easter          Halloween              Micklemas

The Red Oak (Quercus rubra) is a native of which country?

Russia              North Korea            China            North America

The Snow Gum (Eucalyptus niphophila) is a native of which country?

Australia          New Zealand          Antarctica           Peru

The Monkey Puzzle Tree (Araucaria araucana) is a native of which country?

UK               Chile               Mozambique             South Africa

The Common Laburnum (Laburnum anagyroides) is a native of which country?

Central America       Central China        Australia         Central Europe

The Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) is a native of which country?

The Lebanon        North America        Russia          Great Britain

When traces of wood in four large post holes dating from around 8000BC were found under the car park at Stonehenge what type of wood were they identified to be?

Oak           Small Leaf Lime       Scots Pine         Ginkgo biloba

A Treenail is what?

a specal staple for attaching planted trees to stakes
a pin used to attach parish notices to trees
a wooden dowel or peg used to fasten two pieces of wood together
a protrusion sticking out from the base of a tree