Trees Causing Subsidence and Damage to buildings - "Are trees damaging my property?"


Trees can potentially cause damage to buildings, both directly and indirectly. 

Direct harm situations, where tree canopies can damage roof tiles and gutters, can cause concern to home owners and are easier to spot.  Indirect damage is more difficult to assess, as it involves a variety of interplay between soils, roots, depth of foundations and changes to the environment around both the property and the trees.  Such words as heave and subsidence cause a householder enormous worry as they link such problems to their property being de-valued.  

Trees are not always the cause of structural problems and other questions may need to be asked.  We seek to work closely with Structural Engineers to look at the extent of the problem and provide specialist advice on the nature and species of trees in order to be able to put our client's mind at rest and to advise on a way forward.


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