Is there a Tree Preservation Order affecting my property?

Many Local Authorities now have online facilities that you can use to access specific Tree Preservation and Conservation Area information relating to your property.  They can usually be found via the Planning Section of the Council website.

If any of your trees are covered by a TPO or are within a Conservation Area you are unable to carry out any treeworks to them without the prior consent of your Local Authority.  Anyone can submit a TPO Application (the forms can be printed from your Local Authority website), but submitting an application with an accompanying tree report by a qualified Arboricuturalist can sometimes "help your case".

After submission of an Application there can be up to a 6 week wait for the Local Authority to make their decision.  Tree work cannot be carried out until consent has been granted. 

Our Practice has many years experience of submitting TPOs on our client's behalf and can give you a good idea of what the Local Authority may find acceptable.  We can also help you should you wish to appeal a negative TPO decision, although we will always give you an honest opinion as to whether an appeal is likely to succeed or not.